Kingdom Flight Pakistan is providing

Kids Shelter

Food and Nutrition


Life Skill Trainings

Medical Care


Empower and restore the impoverished through the appreciation of education and resources to improve quality of life for today and future generation.


To create an environment in which each child/person has a sense of worth and accepts responsibility for self, family and community.


Short Term

  • To remove children from bonded labor.
  • To place these children into a fully functional school.
  • To prepare these children for official examination so they can enter the state schools.
  • Bring awareness to families in bonded labors regarding their exploitation by money lenders.
  • Provide orphans food and nutrition, education, capacity building and motivation programs to make them the assets of the Church and our country.

Long Term

  • To eradicate bonded labor.
  • To create gradual but profound change of the perception of debt bondage.